Wednesday, 27 March 2013

To Be Spiritually Minded is Life and Peace

Ro:8:6: For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

What does it means to be carnally minded or Spirit Minded?

In the word of God, there is a great act done by Lord at the tomb of Lazarus, where the battle happened of Carnal minded and Spirit Minded, Carnal mind acknowledge what the eyes see and comprehend it accordingly, but the Spirit Mind always look beyond the seen things and always look the potentials and also believe on that. Because there is not space for doubt in Mind of Christ(Spirit Mind).

Ro:8:7: Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.

There is also a worse effect of being carnal is to be against God, because it is an enmity. How is it? This question may arise in your mind, let us see how these things are i.e to be carnally minded is death and enmity against God.

When Martha heard that Jesus has come in the town then she ran to him and said, if you were here then my brother won’t die and then suddenly the Carnal mind start to mimic the spirit mind, She said,

Joh:11:22: But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.

then Lord said to Her, if you believe then your brother will raise, but she said, I know Lord, He will resurrect on the last day, But Lord said, I am the resurrection and Life and whosoever believe on me and die, but that shall live.

Then she said, Lord Yes I believe so(only saying with the carnal mind but don’t understand the meaning of keeping the faith what the Lord said to her). When she did not understand it then she went to Her sister Mary also said the things which she understand and then she also ran to Lord and repeated the same word which Martha said to Lord, she also said Oh Lord, if you were here then my brother won’t die( here is it, carnal mind does and understand the same thing, therefore people are gathered and create the denominations because they believe they have understand something but in actual they don’t even near the understanding).

Here is what the battle going on between carnal mind and spirit mind, the carnal is perfectly opposite the Spirit Mind, even though it says we believe because we heard( because faith comes by hearing), but in actual they don’t understand, because understanding comes by revelation, and revelation come by hearing/reading with Spirit mind.

Now when Jesus(Christ the Spirit) sees, people don’t getting it and are going to make him wrong, what happened, Christ Jesus wept( spirit grieved) and then Jesus said, where the Lazarus been kept. Then they started to saying, could this man(Jesus) who did many miracles cannot save this man, the carnal mind still was active and tried to figure it out, but could not understand it, then Lord visited the graveyard and said the people to take away the stone before the tomb, then the carnal mind started to stop or being against the Mind of God, and said it has been four days that Lazarus had died.

Lord started to do something but Mary stoped her, Lord knew it was not Mary, but it is the mind of Mary(the carnality) then Lord said to Mary,’’ did I not tell you, if thou believe(only need to believe) you will see the glory of God.

Lord simply thanks God and called the dead man Lazarus, then The dead man came out with the dressed clothes.

Glory of God,

People couldnot comprehend it, what is it? because this was the great act, any human being did?, now this all was happened because of the Mind of God, the mind of Christ is the life and Peace. It always provide so.

The carnal mind is death, because it always believe by watching, and the eyes always watch the mind want to look, so people skip the things even though they look on them, because they have a veil on their mind, the carnal mind is a veil on the eyes because people cannot see the things as they are. That exactly happened on the tomb on Lazarus where we saw that the Mind of God have power to overcome the carnal mind, though it does its best to convince you to follow him but in actual it cannot overcome the mind of God. Because Spirit mind can pierce it and destroy it, therefore it is Life and Peace.

If someone is following their minds (carnal mind) then they are against God, they are the enemy of God, even though they know or not, they are still enemy of God. So listen folks, remember you are not a human being to experience Spiritual Being, you are Spiritual being is experiencing the Human Being.

You are not in the veil, the veil has been twine when Lord died on Cross and that veil has been taken in the Christ Jesus.

Be blessed

Dare to Accept it.