Wednesday, 15 May 2013

To whom you are listening Spirit Mind or Carnal Mind ?

Many people are still in some confusion that, are they following what Spirit says or what Their mind says, how can someone tackle with it, how can someone being aware about it.

Remember this is very soft topic, it may sound weird but it is still truth, you must re-read it to understand it.

Our body is a house, if the owner doesnot live in this house then beast( the nature of beast) will takeover it and make it his house. As we see when the living places are being abandoned then the animals, birds make that place their house.

Our house is the house of God/temple of living God/Temple of Holy Spirit (1 Corinthian 3:16), only it is temple of God when someone let His(God/the Light/Understanding/Holy Spirit/Mind of Christ) come in and welcome him(Revelation 3:20), many thinks they invite in every prayer,’’ oh God come in me’’ etc. but they still don’t realize the feeling being calm and still in some kind of fleshy works. They don’t bear the fruit of Holy Spirit i.e Love etc.

The first sign of having the holy spirit is to love everyone without noticing they love back or not. This is what a great sign of Holy Spirit.

No man
at any time.
one another,
his love
is perfected
So if anyone loves one another (to everyone). Then they have God inside
(God is Spirit 4:24).

1. What our mind/carnal mind is?

It is a set of recorded the information which we perceive/taught/see/hear. In other words it is a carnal mind/normal mind of common person.

When someone think that being isnot showing good attitude toward me because I always treat him good but he/she isnot, this is what the knowledge of good and evil when someone does so, he/she is using their mind and try to be like Gods of being the discerner of Good and Evil. This is impersonation, this is not spirit of God, this is what a false spirit(the carnal mind). Because there is only one thing which said to judge is spirit not anyone.

Lord said if you love those who loves you then what you do, does the publicans are not doing so. (Mathew 5).

You must learn to love first then the other fruits will be started to have i.e patience, kindness etc.
2.What spirit mind/Holy Spirit/Mind of Christ is?


For who



the mind of the Lord,









the mind



When someone start to love one another and start to think that all is vanity, whatever in this world is then he/she starts to see the things as they are not as they are looked but in reality as they are. For an example: when someone looks on milk what someone says, they says this is milk but, with a lot of potentials someone say, this is chezz, this I s curd etc, the normal person says, are you fool what are you talking about, in actual this being is seeing the
potential not as the thing looks.

See what God did with Paul the Apostle, First God let him did what He considered was right, at the very point of time, God spoke to him and said, you made grief, then the mind of Paul altered in a blink of eyes, when he heard the name from the light “ I am Jesus, to whom you grief’’ try to think what that time the person who persecute everyone who said the name of Christ Jesus but now that same name was calling him, He started crying.

Ro:2:4: Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

Now when you realized you are nothing but Christ (God) is everything. When your mind start to silent and you hear what really need to hear like.

I am nothing.

God is everything.

My work is to love.

I was not worthy to forgive but because of the mercy of Christ
Jesus I am forgiven through his Holy sacrifice.

This is not my work to judge everyone, etc.

This is the beginning of Wisdom, someone start to act like it when he/she truly realize the value of Mercy, The Sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ and fear of God.

The Holy Spirit is the new mind set as God wants to have his children, as Jesus Christ had when he was in the flesh, He also did fight with devil when he was on the earth, He does aware about our every thought, move and situation too. Because He first experienced it and then laid upon us to experience.



as many as




the Spirit of God( as Christ did when he was on this earth),



the sons



God Bless us everyone.amen