Thursday, 13 September 2012

Prophet: True and False

Hear what Spirit of God says to Church.

Praise the Lord Everyone. i trust you have been more stronger in faith than yesterday, God's spirit is working in You. Yesterday I said, i received two message from spirit of God one I shared and another I am going to share now, the Spirit of God is revealing the State of Mind of people, also their perceptions toward each other and their self made doctrines, But word of God clearly says, The kingdom of God is in power not in words(talks).

The message for us through spirit of God, Identification of True and false prophet, many people are misleading by false prophet, these people who follows wonders, miracles(I don't say God is not doing so i am talking about the normal one's who come to lord for getting benefits not for salvation), they heard a miracles and visit that pastor, preacher, if they get some benefits and they rest there if not then they move to other from whom they can get something, these people's desire are to be rich and get luxuries, they never ask for salvation. These are the carnal mind people.

The false prophets are those about whom the Deuteronomy says clearly , when prophet receives direct revelation from God chapter 18:20-22, if anyone says something in the name of God that all came true. But in our age when true and false have been mixed up, how can a person identified a true and honest person of God. Lord clearly says about it in Gospel of Mathew 7:15-23, He said a lot in these few words, He said these people will say to me(on the day of Judgement), did we not do this in Your name.(see these words), it means people will do miracles in Jesus Name, this is not the people who does it, this is Name of God which works(John 17:11 thy Name which you have given me), if a person is false one, how can He perform such miracles, may this question arise in your mind, but remember the words of Lord, He said whatever you will ask in my Name that will be done for you(John 14), and also remember that when the apostles came to Lord and said,'' we saw some people who did miracles in your name but they are not following you(Mark (9:38-40) [39] But Jesus said, Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me.
[40] For he that is not against us is on our part.

this is the reason behind their performance of miracles, but the identification is these false prophets would have some short comings, they would be against the true revelation(Baptism of Holy spirit, Baptism in the name of Lord Jesus Christ), they would not bear fruit of spirit, Lord clearly said in Mathew 7 identify them with their fruits, because a good fruits cannot bear bad one and a bad one cannot bear good fruit, the fruit of spirit, this is about which Lord Talked about, if a person who may knows the mystery of God but don't have Love he is like a Ringing Flute(1 Corinthian 13). and also remember about those people who perfoming the miralces but they were not following Lord Jesus Christ.

If a person bears the fruit of spirit He is the one who is called true prophet, this person never feel shy to say what is write and wrong, a power of Holy Ghost run such person.

god Bless us everyone.amen

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