Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Key-Maker

A great story, i want to share it with you,

one day a boy went to a key maker and asked,'' are you key maker and prepare every type of key'' he said proudly,'' yes I am, i can prepare every type of key;
then boy ran and bring his friend, who was sad and could not smile because her toy was lost, then Boy said to key maker,'' please prepare a key for her so that she would be happy, and smile rest of her life,'' after it, the girl smiled, and ofcose boy and the key maker also smile. likewise Everybody has a lock now this is unto us, which key we uses to open a lock, if we open the lock with sad titled key, it would be acted as a sad, but if we unlock with the key of smile, happiness, calm, than it would be so.
Now i lay down the keys before you what key you chose.

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