Friday, 12 October 2012


Pray for those to whom you think, they are unhappy, in fear, in trouble, unfaithful, unholy and sinner(statue worshiper), instead of being the one who backbite them just try to be the one who bow the knee for them before Lord, because a simple prayer stripe the devil every time, whether you know it or not, but this is it, because in the chapter of Luke 18, there was a woman who came daily to a king for justice, one day that king, who was not Believer, said his minister to help that woman, then if that who was unbeliever did so, Our Lord is more great than Him, Our Lord is haste in Mercy, so just take a pause and pray for needy.

Some word for readers:

if the above mention things are not found in your life, then be sure someone daily pray for you. :)

with faith and love ♥
Be Blessed.

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